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·        All requests for technology repair must be requested through the Lewis Central IT Helpdesk. (Sticky Notes on the door and tugs on the sleeve are not allowed!) If the problem is not entered into Helpdesk, it’s not on the list…


·        The phone number for technology problems is 7000 and is an internal only phone number. Anna Boehm will monitor this number daily, organize Helpdesk requests and communicate with the technicians. Please do not call any technician directly.


·        Technology Acceptable Use Policy





·        Technology Protection Forms

Helpful Hints For Entering Requests


Specificity Helps! Be as specific as possible with your request when you enter it into Helpdesk. 

·        What exactly were you doing when the problem occurred?

·        Did you get any error messages?

·        Did you hear any funny noises?

·        Avoid generalizations like “no students can login”, “nobody can print”, or “I can’t do anything”. Statements like these seldom allow us to efficiently approach the problem.

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